Become a Sponsor

Types of Sponsorship


As a superhero, we need some basic items like different types of clothing for all different climates. One uniform is nice, but spandex can get a bit chilly on below freezing nights, or a bit damp when out patrolling in the rain. In addition to clothing we could use med kits, utility knives, multi-tools, bags, vests, ballistic shields, patrol cars, etc.


Hello? ... Yup, communication is key. We need to stay in constant contact with emergency responders and other superheroes. Supporting a tech sponsorship would provide things like VHF/UHF radios, walkie-talkies, GPS systems, computers, servers, cameras, etc. All of these things are necessary in todays very technical world.


A person or company doesn't always have the ability to provide equipment or tech to further our cause, but can help by giving a monetary dontation to support the cause. We will use these donations to purchase needed equipment and tech as well as support our team members.

Benefits of becoming a sponsor

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