Warning: This is 100% volunteer, very real, and not a game!

Join The Community Superheroes Roster

So you want to be a superhero? GREAT!

There are a few short and simple steps to join our roster

  1. Contact Us (You're Here)
  2. Schedule a Police Ride-A-Long (Preferably a weekend graveyard shift).
  3. Schedule First Aid & CPR Training.
  4. Start saving up and purchasing your outfit.
    Basic Unifrom Breakdown:
    • Head (Hat/Helmet/etc)
    • Top (Shirt)
    • Bottoms (Pants)
    • Gloves
    • Boots
    • Belt
    • Body/Crash Armor
  5. Team-Up and Start Patrolling with us ASAP.

Reach Out and Get Started