Warning: This is 100% volunteer, very real, and not a game!

About The Community Superheroes

Who Are The Community Superheroes?

We are regular everyday people with jobs, families, bills, school, and countless other responsibilities who have also decided to add moonlighting "superhero" to our list.

What Are The Community Superheroes doing?

We are basically the ultimate First Response-neighborhood watch team, that routinely dress up in super heroic garb and patrol streets of our cities, towns, and local communities keeping them safe.

Where Are The Community Superheroes?

We are currently based out of Beaverton, Oregon. Our long-term goal is to build a headquarters somewhere around the Portland-Metro Area.

Check out our map to see who your local superheroes are.

When Are The Community Superheroes doing this?

A few late evenings throughout the week is the standard, but in reality, we want at least a couple of superheroes out every night.

Why Are The Community Superheroes doing this?

We understand that 99% of the time when we go out nothing will happen. However, we are not out there for the many that don't need us, but for the few that do!

If we can be in the right place at the right time to intervene and protect someone from possible danger or deter a crime from happening, or at the very least be a friend to someone in need... mission accomplished.